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What is Adz2you?

Professional works mean long business

* Adz2you is a traffic rotator. Which allow you to Promote your site , Get Referrals , Get sales to your product .
All of this with best prices ever . Check Advertisement Packs Prices From Here

* A Paid-To-Promote program. mean If you have any kind of traffic , you can make money from this . just make a new account and start promote Your PTP Link or Banner 468*60 or banner 125*125 .
After you made the account you will find your Earning codes and links From Here , And you will be able to check your Earnings Status From Here .

* CPM Earnings . The Earnings Rates depends in a pool system ,
This mean there is no fixed CPM rate for Earnings . every day the CPM Rate will be changed depends in how much Advertisers invested in the site . Yesterday Rate Was $0.0097 For Every 1000 Impression
For Example if yesterday the whole Advertisers Invested was $100 , The site will take %20 and the rest of %80 will pay it for Publishers

* Are you a PTC Admin ? A monitor Admin ? A PTP Admin ? Having any Website ?
You can use our Ad Exchange system , wihch it's allow you to Earn Free Advertisement credits , So you will be able to Advertise your site with us for Free
Start promote your Ad Exchange Link or Your Banner 468*60 or Your Banner 125*125
And Earn Free Advertisement credits , You will be able to check your credits Earnings status From Here .
You can Earn Rotatoer + banner 468*60 + banner 125*125 credits . just with promoting your AD Exhcnage link or codes .


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How to Earn?

Easiest way to Earn Free Cash Online

* There is two ways to Earn money from Adz2you . with promote your Banners codes and link
And Bring Referrals . you will got %10 from any transactions your referrals will made for life time . Use this nice banners and referral link . Click Here To See how To Bring Some Referrals

* You can Cashout your Earnings when you have a minimum of $0.01

* We paid for all users once every 72 hours , If you have $0.01 in your balance you will got the payment . after 48 hours from asking it

* There is a possibility to get my account banned ?
No , we don't ban any one . do what you want , and make what you can , and get paid always .